Bulk Herbs

We have a large bulk herb section, the majority of which is organic or wild harvested. (do we have a percentage? Yes, over 80%) We have an array of culinary and medicinal herbs and spices, green foods, herbal tea blends, along with many varieties of green, black oolong, white, and red (rooibos) tea.


We have many tea utensils such as cloth, bamboo and stainless steel strainers, reusable tea bags, bombillas and gourds, as well as an array of stainless steel bottles, bamboo utensils, incense, smudges, reusable bags, cheesecloth, and locally made beeswax candles. We have Sundance t-shirts and bags, and a variety of prayer flags made in Hawaii. During the winter months, we also have fair-trade fall accessories such as hats, scarves and gloves made by hand in Bolivia and Peru.