Applying Our Mission and Values

Applying Our Mission and Values

Most unnecessary suffering in the world derives from patriarchy, capitalism and racism. In my view, a healthy society needs to be grounded on ecological, egalitarian and communitarian principles. At Sundance we work to follow those principles, to act in ways that are kind, respectful, inclusive and generous.

Our mission is to be “Individuals Nourishing Community Nourishing Individuals.” In accordance with that mission, we aspire to provide both nourishing food and a nourishing experience for everyone who shops and works at our store.

We intend to provide a place where individuality is respected and where people can safely experience our fundamental human inter-connectedness. We welcome and celebrate the diversity of people who work and shop at our store. It is therefore Sundance policy not to tolerate harassment, bullying or discrimination of any kind, by anyone.

As the owner and general manager of Sundance, I strive to ensure that we practice what we preach in all that we do. During my decades here, I have endeavored to create a nourishing place to work and shop, where everyone is treated with kindness and respect. While I technically own the store, the truth is the store owns me. All profit generated by Sundance always remains in Sundance, to upgrade our equipment, fixtures and buildings and to pay annual staff bonuses. I remain determined to ensure that Sundance continues to provide a nourishing experience not only for our customers, but for all who work here.

None of us is perfect. I certainly am not perfect. We all need to work on ourselves as we work to change society. We have a long history of inclusivity and kindness at Sundance. I am proud of our record, and I am determined to have us continue to lead by example. We strive to play our small part in helping bring about the better world we all know is possible.


– Gavin