GM Right to Know

In 2013, Sundance was voted one of the “Top 12 Right-to-Know Grocers” by the Organic Consumers Association.

It is our stated policy to vendors that ““No product that is known to contain GMOs will ever be introduced in our store as a new item. Products which are currently on our shelves and contain suspect ingredients are thoroughly evaluated, and to the best of our ability we pursue verification from manufacturers about the nature of their products, and we remove products unless verification of non-GMO status is obtainable. We have and always will support and give preference to Organics.”

As the OCA reports:

Three years ago Sundance completed its first GMO audit of products, which led to the discontinuation of many products, and the discovery of quite a few of “wolves in sheep’s clothing” products. Gavin McComas, Sundance’s owner, says: “This is an issue we take very seriously, not just as a retailer attempting to provide the cleanest, healthiest, most sustainable and responsible food we can to our clients, but also as individual citizens who demand the right to know what is in our food. Sundance practices and promotes the ethos of ‘gatekeeping,’ believing that we hold a moral and practical duty to educate our community about all issues surrounding the responsible production and sustenance of local, national and global food markets and agriculture, and to protect our food supply from those who would compromise and destroy it for profit.”

Our policy on GMOs is part of our product guidelines, outlined here on our product acquisition and retention guide.