In the Sundance packaged groceries department we strive to provide products that are both good and good for you. While not completely organic, we endeavor to offer organic products whenever possible. We employ specific product selection guidelines that lead us away from being too arbitrary or contradictory in choosing which products to offer to the public. We emphasize unprocessed or minimally processed foods. We avoid products with artificial colors or preservatives, and we do not carry any products that contain hydrogenated oils.

Sundance customers come into our store often in part because they trust us to act as “gatekeepers”, applying these criteria to the products we carry. We endeavor to provide healthy alternatives to the fare found at the average grocery store. We select products of local agriculture and industries first to support our local community. We also offer a wide variety of materials and assistance to help educate and inspire our customers on food, nutrition and food politics as well as ecological and other related topics.