Special Orders

  • We offer 10% off full cases on many items. (case discounts cannot be combined with any other discounts, and may not apply to some sale prices)
  • Any natural food or care product we can get through our regular distributors, we will sell to our customers.

Sundance customers can order full cases of almost any item in our store or that is available from our distributors and receive a 10% discount on the case.

Customers can also purchase any item we can get from any of our distributors.

Any items from our packaged grocery, bulk foods, non-food, frozen, or refrigerated departments can be acquired in full cases for 10% off the retail price. Any item from those categories that we can get from our distributors can also be purchased at 10% off retail for a full case. Call the store at 541-343-9142, or email the [email protected].

We can do special orders for supplements,  personal care, and herbs. Many supplements and personal care items can be ordered in quantities as few as 1. Prices vary according with our prices, and some large quantity discounts may be available. Any herb available from our distributor can be ordered in quantities as small as 1 oz., and as large as 1 pound. Larger quantities of herbs will generally be cheaper.

Large orders of produce can be ordered when they are available to us. Check in directly with our produce department for availability and prices at 541-345-6153 or [email protected]

We can order cases of beer. Call 541-343-9142 and ask for our beer buyer or email [email protected].

Various discounts on wine are available when shopping at our  wine shop at 2441 Hilyard. The wine shop also handles special orders of wine found on the shelves of our grocery store, as well as special orders of the selections available in our wine shop. Call 541-687-9463 or email [email protected]

Check in with our cheese department for larger quantities of cheese, or special cheeses you may be interested in. Call 541-343-9142 and ask for the cheese department or email [email protected].