Sundance Staples

Sundance Staples is a program designed to keep staple products affordable. Sundance Staples are organically grown, using sustainable methods of agriculture that do not pollute our water or destroy our topsoil. We have included foods that are high in fiber, minerals and vitamins, complex carbohydrates, and/or healthful fats. Sundance Staples also includes a selection of common household products.

*Look for the Sundance Staples logo around the store to identify participating items.

Organic Short Grain Brown Rice$1.99/LB
Organic Rolled Oats$1.49/LB
Organic Yellow Popcorn$1.79/LB
Organic Garbanzo Beans$1.99/LB
Organic Black Beans$2.49/LB
Organic Green Lentils$2.99/LB
Organic Mung Beans$2.99/LB
Organic Quinoa Elbow Pasta$5.99/LB
Organic Whole Wheat Flour$1.29/LB
Organic Fresh Ground Almond Butter$9.99/LB
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil$4.99/LB
Organic Apple Cider Vinegar$2.49/LB
Organic Maple Syrup$6.99/LB
Organic Raw Walnuts$9.99/LB
Organic Alfalfa Sprouting Seeds$8.99/LB
Nutritional Yeast$9.99/LB
Organic Black Beans 15oz$1.29
Organic Garbanzo Beans 15oz$1.29
Organic Great Northern Beans 15oz$1..29
Organic Kidney Beans 15 oz$1.29
Organic Pinto Beans 15oz$1.29
Organic Refried Beans 16oz$1.79
Organic Black Refried Beans 16oz$1.79
Organic Ketchup 24oz$2.49
Organic Yellow Mustard 14oz$1.99
Organic Dijon Mustard 8oz$2.49
Organic Honey Mustard 8oz$2.79
Organic Whole Grain Mustard 8oz$2.49
Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 32oz$4.69
Organic Balsamic Vinegar 500ml$4.89
Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 32oz$14.99
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 25.4oz$13.99
Organic Coconut Cream 13.5oz$2.99
Organic Raisin Bran Cereal 12oz$3.89
Organic Creamy Almond Butter 16oz$12.99
Organic Creamy Peanut Butter 16oz$5.99
Organic Crunchy Peanut Butter 16oz$5.99
Organic Sunflower Seed Butter 16oz$6.49
Organic Marinara Pasta Sauce 24oz$3.49
Organic Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce 24oz$3.49
Organic Roasted Garlic Pasta Sauce 24oz$3.49
Organic Arribiata Pasta Sauce 24oz$3.49
Organic Tomato Sauce 15oz$1.79
Organic Tomato Paste 6oz$1.29
Organic Diced Tomatos 14.5oz$1.79
Organic Diced Tomatos No Salt 14.5oz$1.79
Organic Diced Tomatos 28oz$2.79
Organic Crushed Tomato w Basil 28oz$2.79
Organic Sweet Corn 16oz$2.89
Organic Mixed Veggies 16oz$2.99
Organic Peas 16oz$2.99
Organic Oregon Blueberries 24oz$9.99
Dish Soap Free & Clear 25oz$3.29
Dish Soap Citrius 25oz$3.29
Bulk Dish Soap$1.99/LB
Bulk Laundry Powder$1.99/LB
Paper Towell Single Roll$1.99
Toilet Paper 4pk$3.29
Toilet Paper 12pk$7.99
Facial Tissue$1.39