Sundance and Coronavirus

Sundance is taking the follow measures to protect our staff and customers during the current health crisis.

1) As required by the State of Oregon, all staff members who work on the sales floor are required to wear a face mask. We provide free face masks for our staff and free paper masks for our customers.

2) We ask customers and employees to do their best to maintain a 6-foot physical distance. Throughout the store pieces of tape on the floor indicate the prescribed 6-foot distance. We have an official Social Distancing Monitor. Maintaining an appropriate physical distance while shopping in our small store is intrinsically problematic – our aisles are narrow and our layout makes one-way aisles virtually impossible. Our shallow shelves and small produce department require that staff continuously restock the store throughout the day. We ask stockers to wait until customers leave an area that they need to stock.

3) We have polycarbonate shields at each cash register station to protect cashiers and customers during checkout.

4) Cashiers sanitize their hands, work station and key pad after each transaction.

5) Shopping baskets are sanitized after each use.

6) Throughout the store, commonly touched surfaces are sanitized continuously throughout the day.

7) We provide hand-sanitizers at the ends of each counter for our customers to use before and after shopping.

8) Bulk bin scoops are sanitized after each use.

9) Vaporizers around the store emit anti-viral essential oils.

10) We are running HEPA quality air filters throughout the store, which can filter out virus particles.

10) We dedicate the 7-8 am hour every day for the use of older and immune-compromised individuals.

11) We stay open until 11pm every night, enabling people to shop after 9pm when there are very few people in the store.

For anyone who wants the greatest degree of possible protection, the best approach is to avoid any indoor public space and shop remotely. Sundance invested in an online shopping cart and every day a team of staff members shop for customers. We will bring customers’ purchases to their vehicles or they can be delivered by Pedaler’s Express or another delivery service.  The shopping cart can be found at