At Sundance, we aspire to be “Individuals nourishing community nourishing individuals.” This statement of our mission is an ongoing source of inspiration and guidance. It empowers us to maintain high product standards so the products we provide are nourishing. It leads us to be “care”-full in how we treat one another so that our interactions are also nourishing.

Our mission charges us to give back to the community that supports us in as many ways as we can. We contribute to local organizations, events and causes to the best of our ability. We support laws that help encourage living wages, time with family, and clean air, water, and land. We encourage our staff to volunteer in the community by providing paid time for staff members to volunteer for organizations of their choice.

Our mission demands special care in the products we put on our shelves and promote in our store. Sundance customers come into our store in large measure because they trust us to act as “gatekeepers,” asking that we apply strict criteria to each product that we carry. Details on our product selection standards and criteria can be found here.